The Keep Going On Song

The song says it all. Give yourself a 5 minute dance break and enjoy.

Here are some of my FAVOURITE lyrics:

I hope your body is whole tonight, and if your heart is breaking, i hope it’s breaking open,

and if your breath is shaking, i hope it’s shaking through…

and i hope that you have enough to eat, i hope you’re getting enough sleep,

and i hope you have enough good company, or enough good memory, to last you a long time…

let’s bring some joy into the room, why not? we can try it!

or some rage, and some grief, relief…

i pray my rage is a fire that cleans my mind out and makes me ready to listen.

i pray my pain is a river that flows to the ocean that connects my pain to yours.

and i pray that my happiness is like pollen that flies to you and pollinates your joy. oh boy,

oh boy, is that possible? i don’t know – we are making this up as we go. we have to make it up as we go.

we’re making it up as we go. the keep going on song.

and i pray, that when we meet again, that the world has changed, into the world that we are imagining now together,

and i pray that the world has become the world that we’re planting inside of yourselves, for each other and for our ancestors and for our kids.

and we’re going to start,

this is a rough beginning. that’s all i’ve got, is a rough beginning, to offer you.

that we will feel a little bit less alone, in the work and the hurt, and somehow, we will be together, tonight.

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