Chum Salmon Spawn – amazing video footage of spawning in action

Bob Turner is a longtime Bowen Island resident and recently retired geological scientist who’s spent years advocating for the region’s waters, who now has his own youtube channel!

He’s recently been up in the Squamish valley following the ongoing chum salmon run, and writes that he “happened to catch the remarkable moment of female egg release and male sperm fertilization at close range. It happened in a spring-fed channel, so the water was very clear. It was moving to watch the spawning female – in this case with a swarm of attending males – as she went through the digging, the laying, and the burying of her eggs. All this bittersweet, as it is so close to the end of her life, and so detached from her offspring’s birth months from now.  This season of salmon spawning is so rich.”

Turner has shared this clip online and invites anyone to share and enjoy.

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