Lucky is as lucky does… PNE Prize home won by lovely locals, Heidi and Fritz Kym, and the community couldn’t be happier

I don’t know about you, but my Facebook feed effervesced with the announcement that a “Kym Fritz” from Pemberton had won the PNE Prize Home. Everyone seemed universally stoked that a local had won the house (if it couldn’t have been them) and wondered who this mysterious Kym Fritz was…

Check out this video, produced by the Vancouver Sun –

and, if you haven’t met Fritz and Heidi, you will feel 100% reassured that two lovely human beings deserved their good fortune.

The Sun reports that “The exhibition says the Kyms are huge supporters of the PNE and have attended almost every summer for the past 45 years. They are both retired and own a farm in Pemberton, and winning the prize home means that retirement will be a bit more comfortable.”

And from the video, it sounds like they’ll be hosting a party in the new bathroom. 🙂

Congratulations Fritz and Heidi. Best wishes to you both.

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