Reflections on a pandemic become Museum artefacts: Ms Cameron’s grade 1/2 class donate time capsule

Mrs. Cameron’s Gr. 1-2 class at Signal Hill Elementary School called up the museum in early May as they wanted to donate a time capsule full of their thoughts and feelings about the pandemic.

The donation came in a hand painted box that pictured a silhouette of a rock climber and the hand painted words “We Keep Each Other Supported”.

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 1.25.26 PM

On the front of the box a message was painted that read, “CONNECTION—The Pandemic of 2020”.

Inside the box was a hand painted card by Piper and a red duo-tang of “Thoughts from the Gr. 1 & 2’s of Signal Hill”.

Here is a list of things they are looking forward to when the pandemic is over:

1. Play with friends without distance,

2. Having friends come play at our home,

3. Camping with friends,

4. Friends we haven’t seen,

5. Visiting friends from faraway places like Scotland and

6. Seeing everyone back at school at the same time and being able to play and learn with them.”

Five objects were also in the box with a message attached to each one.

The messages included “We spread love with painted stones”, “Being Flexible and celebrate at home (rubber band), “2 meter distance” (paperclips), “Wash hands before treats” (bubblegum) and “Staying in our own circle but stay connected” (washer).

The curator prepared a gift form for the donation for everyone to sign. Mrs. Cameron signed and also Laurie, Charlie, Piper, Kaden and Mia. The museum appreciates the work these students put into this significant donation to the museum collection during these pandemic times.

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