Win a Whistler Staycation, support Zero Ceiling’s work to end youth homelessness. Enter before July 31.

Spending the spring in some version of “lockdown” might have given you cabin fever, or a frustration about the inadequacy of your living situation (annoying roommate? too small a yard?) but what if you have no home?

I think a symptom of privilege is that we can end up wearing a set of blinders to other people’s realities. We might pay an inordinate amount of attention to what our neighbours have in their garage, or keeping up with the Joneses, but we forget that beyond our vision, a lot of people are living completely different challenges.

Zero Ceiling is the leading organization in our region working to end youth homeless. They use the power of the mountains to empower young people, and serve young people who have experienced homelessness or unstable housing, providing access to stable housing, employment, life skills education and mental health support. By providing  a supportive, stable, safe environment where young people can focus on personal growth.

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From their website: 

It’s no surprise that summer looks a little different than usual. But with the sun and heat finally here, it’s the perfect time to enter to win a Whistler Staycation.

It’s no secret that our programs have been hit hard since COVID-19. We have been blessed with the support of our community and many great organizations, who helped us through the worst of lockdown. Now, we’re excited to lift up out of survival mode and look towards securing our future and fighting to end homelessness once and for all.

We are raffling off a Whistler Staycation for 2!

If you’ve had your long-planned vacation cancelled or postponed, you can still look forward to a weekend full of fun and adventure.

For only $20 per chance, you can win a weekend Whistler stay with loads of fun activities included. Or, buy 3 tickets for $50!

The prize pack is worth a whopping $1400, and includes the following:

You can also enter to win our 50/50. $5 a chance sees you up to win half of the pot. You can also buy a bundle of 5 chances at the 50/50 for only $20!

The best part is that all proceeds will go towards securing stable housing, supportive employment, health, safety, and sense of purpose for youth experiencing homelessness. Not a bad deal.

Enter to win online only at this link:

Contest closes at midnight (PST) July 31, 2020.

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