What has been your most pressing issue during the pandemic? Let the Mayor’s Task Force know where to focus their attention

The Mayor’s Task Force, instigated by the Village of Pemberton. wants to know what your most pressing issues have been during the pandemic. Your responses will assist to collectively identify and prioritize issues and opportunities and begin to develop community-informed solutions.

Reflecting on your experiences, how might we create a stronger community moving forward?


Share via ThoughtExchange:

👉 https://my.thoughtexchange.com/254725730


ThoughtExchange’s platform uses ratings to determine key issues, themes and the importance of the thoughts and ideas shared with the community.

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 2.14.18 PM

As COVID-19 is ever evolving, please return to this link as often as possible over the coming months to contribute additional ideas and rate new thoughts added by others to help inform the Task Force’s important work.


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