Art springing up – keep an eye out for local artists’ murals

If staring at your own four walls for the better part of 2 months has gotten you aching for some different scenery, or fresh art, take heart! Art is happening.

Levi Nelson’s imagery has been applied to the hydro boxes to make them look less like eyesores or infrastructure and more like amazeballs.


This piece, A7xa7ulmecw the Spirit Dimension, is best appreciated while lying on your side.


Levi Nelson: “You might notice some newly refinished hydro boxes in downtown Pemberton featuring my paintings, Legend of the Transformers and A7xa7ulmecw the Spirit Dimension, making the Village look just that much more pretty.”


Legend of the Transformers, by Levi Nelson, has been turned into a wrap to enhance the hydro box outside the Community Centre


Meanwhile, in at Village Yoga Pemberton, classes have been virtual since March 13, but that didn’t stop them from handing an entire wall over to local artist Natasha Plumridge aka “Natasha Louise.” 



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