What’s Currently Open in Pemberton?: Free app makes it easy to find out what local businesses are up to

For the past month, Pemberton local Shelley Tsujimara took her Excel sheet wizardry to the task of tracking what local businesses were open,and what adjusted services they were offering.

shelley tsujimara spreadsheet wizard

It’s a fantastic resource and now it’s even easier to check in on what’s happening and where you can source things (without buying on Amazon, because, as convenient as that may be, dear ones, Jeff Bezos really does not need any more money). Tourism Pemberton has now enfolded this information into a new directory onto the Pemberton App. Available on your smart phone – making it simply to call or email your inquiry directly.

The app also provides the ability for Tourism Pemberton to send out push notifications regarding emergency information, major community updates etc… a handy way to stay informed.

It’s free. Download it, check it out, tell your friends. We live in an amazing community, and that amazingness is in large part to our local businesses and entrepreneurs. Let’s support them every way we can.
Tourism Pemberton will keep the listings updated, and add new business listings, as owners open up in the coming weeks and months.
Tourism Pemberton ‘Pemberton App’ Download Links:
Pemberton App Promo

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