Planting seeds for long term change

You know that saying “planting seeds for long term change”?
I came across that today and found it quite comforting. I came across a hilarious meme about people getting excited about watching their seeds germinate. I have been getting so ridiculously excited about seeing my plant babies getting bigger and bigger! I say silly things like I am talking to an unbearably adorable puppy. I notice how gentle it makes me, and how strong I am getting from working the ground. I feel like I’m learning to be as gentle and patient with myself and friends and family as I am with the plants. When I am out on the land foraging (low to zero risk of bumping into anyone), I am able to speak out loud, unafraid of invisible judging eyes and ears, or even visible, I don’t care if people think I am loony, I am. I will talk to sister Cedar like an ancient gramma, and the little Spring buds like unbearably adorable puppies. I wanted to come back home from Victoria to reconnect, I didn’t realize it would lead me to gardening, and that gardening itself would be a huge contributor to my wellness. I can’t wait to eat my onions! I also sing and dance a lot more, which for some reason I relate to dirty, earthy hands feeling the earth, boppin’ beans, just all around good vibes you know? I just feel like I’m in touch with my spirit more. I’m a loony wild woman from Lil’wat! That’s me. I’m weird, I’m earthy, I’m vibin, I’m lovin, I’m singin. Jammin to Pharoah Sanders with my plant babies
Peace, love, and sweet dreams to you

Cherry Toms
Cherry Toms good friend Basil 💚
suga suga snap peas how’d ya get so fly
squash or pumpkin? I lost my popsicle sticks

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