Meet Morpheus

Firstly I would like to correct myself on the name of the month I mentioned before, it is Ka-hál̓-a i Pétskelha – sudden appearance of leaves. I had it mixed up with next month which is Kol̲i7úsa i Sqw̓élapa – when the strawberries ripen. Now here is a post about our family cat 😊

This is our therapy kitty Morpheus. He’s quite the character. He comes running up the stairs when my mom says “wash up”, if he hasn’t already gone at 6pm to beg and be very cute to everyone until he is fed, but he also likes to eat when we eat. Sometimes (not often) he gets so bored he decides to run up and down three flights of stairs. He’s an indoor kitty from the outdoors so that might be why he is a little kooky. But he’s pretty happy, and by all of us so so loved 
Also, an interesting thing about kitty litter is that it is quite toxic. Not much you can do about his business but apparently pine litter or small wood pellets are much better option for the environment? And possibly cheaper? So I’m hoping they have something like that in town.

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