Restore. Legs up the wall. Crystal Conroy offers a free audio restorative yoga class and some tips on how to relax.

Crystal Conroy offers an Audio Restorative Yoga Class to share with you.
The practice involves just a few poses practiced with the support of props to help encourage deep rest, relaxation, and overall calming effect on the nervous system. The class is about 45minutes long. There are a few visuals included for reference.

This practice is all about finding stillness and ease in the body. Opening up to our inner experience. The class offers 4 simple poses held for a length of time fully supported. There is very little movement, nothing to ‘do’ really. The doing is more about experiencing into the subtle body, and relaxation to promote deep healing.

The supported postures in this recording are:
*simply lying on your back with knees bent
*supported spinal twist
*supported childs pose, and

*some breathwork is explored as well.

You will need a bolster(rectangular, or round) and of course as many of you will not have a bolster at home a few firm pillows and folded blankets stacked will work lovely. I recommend enjoying this practice in the evening before bed. Dress warmly!

If and when you take the class let Crystal know! You can follow her on Facebook at Yoga & Wellness with Crystal Conroy. 


If 45 minutes seems like too much in this moment, try something simpler, for 5 minutes.

From Crystal:

A simple evening wind down..

If you are having a hard time in the evening being able to relax b/c your mind is racing or your body feels wired, I recommend finding a simple wind down practice that you can commit to every evening. If the idea of winding down your body is new to you just start by committing to 5-10 mins. Often our minds will say we don’t have time for that or will resist the actual act of slowing down but, we all have 5 minutes, I know you can do it. If you commit to 5, once you start you may enjoy it so much you add in other restorative practices as you go.

Personally my evening wind down practices shift daily. This practice is usually woven in amongst other practices but, those nights were it’s already getting really late and my time for winding down is competing with my desire to be in bed before a certain hour, I will often get my self ready for bed and then commit to this simple practice before I actually go to sleep.


VIPARITA KARANI (legs up the wall pose)
SAMA (same)-VITTRI (action) Breath.

This is a beautiful pose to rest and renew the body, it helps move us away from outward action and turn our attention inward. (you can stay on the floor or use two firm-ish folded blankets, a pillow, or a bolster under your pelvis)

The Pose: Find a comfortable, quiet space in your home. Bring a blanket and dress warmly. (even better, get in your jammies and brush your teeth before doing this practice and then you can just slip right into bed after keeping the calm energy with you as you fall asleep).

Place your support lengthwise along your wall( is using support, being on the floor with no support is great as well). lay down on your side with one hip on the edge of your support (or just close to the wall if not using support) and swing your legs up the wall. Adjust on your props so your sitting bones are fairly close, maybe even touching the wall.

Place you hands on your belly, or by your side palms facing up. Begin softening your belly with each exhalation. Observe how tension and tiredness drain down your legs.
Soften into your face.
Soften into the sensations of your body.

The Breath: Notice your natural breath for a few cycles.Then consciously choose to lengthen the duration of breathing, both your inhale and exhale. Keep the length similair. (you may choose to count to 4 on the inhale and 4 on the exhale).
Inhale for a count of 4
Exhale for a count of 4.

Once you feel into the length of this release the counting and just focus on long inhale in, and long exhale out of the same length.

Inhale through your nose.
Exhale through your nose.

Soften into the body.
Soften into the breath.
Soften into yourself.

Continue for several minutes.

When you feel ready release this controlled breathing and allow your breathing to come back to its natural rhythm.

When you are ready to come out of the pose roll onto one side, move your props out of the way and rest on your side or come up to sitting pause for a few moments before standing up.


Let me know if you do this and what your experience was like, and if you have any questions.


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