BC launches a self-assessment tool for COVID19

If you’re anything like me, the minute someone mentions headlice, your head gets itchy, and the 100 millionth minute someone talks about a deadly pandemic, you feel a bit flushed, achy and find it hard to breathe.

Should you get tested? Just to be sure?

No. The answer, my fellow nervy-ones, is no.

We have been living in an illusion of infinite resources and endless growth. It is bursting at the moment. We actually co-inhabit a planet that is a living system, that has limits, endings, capacity (and also abundance, beauty and an incredible capacity to heal and regenerate, given the chance.) We need to pause, not panic. We need to practice more mindfulness than many of us are accustomed to. (An enforced isolation, or Giant Pause button hit on the global accelerating cycle of economic growth is kind of a nice opportunity to practice that.) We need to prioritize.

To avoid overwhelming our health care system – which is, let’s face it, one of our current most urgent priorities – the BC Ministry of Health has developed an online self-assessment tool, to help determine whether you may need further assessment or testing for COVID-19. You can complete this assessment for yourself, or on behalf of someone else, if they are unable to.

Go to: https://covid19.thrive.health

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 11.21.01 AM

The province has also created a phone service to provide non-medical information about COVID-19, including the latest information on travel recommendations and social distancing. Information is available in more than 110 languages, 7:30 am – 8 pm at 1-888-COVID19 (1-888-268-4319) or via text message at 604-630-0300.

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