The Library’s extended hours are here to stay! And more news and awesomeness!

In 2019, the Pemberton & District Library trialled opening until 7pm on Wednesdays and 4pm on Sundays. Due to the popularity of the new hours, the experiment is now official!

I discovered this because I signed up for the Library’s monthly newsletter… which is the single best way to be reminded of cool events coming up, or scope out what great new acquisitions or services the library has on offer.

For example, did you know that you can borrow Board Games from the library to play over spring break?


Or that former Pemberton resident Katherine Fawcett will be debuting her new collection of (deliciously dark and twisted) short stories, here, on Saturday at 3pm! (Registration is recommended:


Or that they have the complete second season of Big Little Lies?


Or that volunteers can be booked to help you fill out your tax return?


Honestly, if you think there is a cooler organization or community service in Pemberton, tell me. I’m open to the proposition. But right now, I can’t think of anything that quite tops the library. LOVE!

Sign up for the newsletter at

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