Spring forward: daylight savings time begins 2am Sunday March 8

Remember to wind your old-school clocks forward by one hour Saturday before you go to bed, so you can be on the right “time” when you wake up, Sunday March 8, having forfeited an hour of sleep, to gain an hour of light.

I just listened to a podcast about a man who taught people how to make sundials. This will be the most radical thing you’ve ever attended, he told them – because you’ll learn that true time is about being deeply in sync with the sun, the planets, the cosmos, and the time that we bend to our wills with our clocks and watches and iphones is really an illusion. The only way for the illusion to be effective, though, is if we’re all on board. So spring forward, troops! See you in the sunshine.

Did you know that Daylight Saving Time was implemented in Canada in 1915 to reduce coal consumption and to extend daylight hours for factory work to aid in the war effort?

Last year, the province even conducted a huge survey to gauge public opinion about whether to ditch the whole spring-forward, fall-back rigmarole altogether. Did you vote? Apparently, 223,273 people did – complete a survey, at least. There were also 279 email submissions from private citizens and 15 written submissions from organizations and experts. Only 7% of people supported spring forwarded and falling back. 93% preferred a change to year-round observance of Daylight Saving Time. (Legislation was supposed to be introduced in October to make Daylight Saving Time permanent, year-round, but it won’t go into effect unless surrounding jurisdictions, like Washington State, do, too. Which really just puts the time you get your coffee even further in the hands of professional illusionists.) So this may be the last time we spring forward. Then again, it may not.



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