Order your organic seeds and support Stewardship Pemberton’s Grow it Forward garden

For the past six years, Stewardship Pemberton & Signal Hill Elementary School have joined forces to make sure there is healthy food on every table, with the Grow It Forward garden, run as part of Stewardship Pemberton’s Feasting for Change umbrella. Basically, they’re growing an ecosystem of kindness.

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Students at Signal Hill Elementary school start seeds in their classroom. The classes then plant out the vegetable seedlings during a field trip to the “Grow it Forward Garden”. Food harvested from the garden then goes to to the Pemberton Food Bank, Healthy Pregnancy outreach program and Women’s Safe House.

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Stewardship Pemberton is taking part in West Coast Seeds’ fundraising offering. The BC company provide 65 of their best-selling seeds for sale, and contribute 40% of the proceeds to Stewardship Pemberton.

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This project is such a great example of abundance and actualization thinking – everyone who participates, gains. We live in a paradigm that tries to create scarcity, so we think in order to have something, we have to ensure someone else has nothing. It’s a power-over paradigm, and any place we can create and contribute to the alternative is something I want to be part of.

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The funds raised, through your purchase of seeds, will help support our “Grow it Forward” Community Garden by purchasing soil, seed trays, gardening equipment and garden maintenance expenses.

West Coast Seeds is a BC company offering untreated and non-GMO seeds suitable for organic growing.

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Browse the seeds available at this link. Then, to place your order, please use this form: Fundraising_2020_Participant_Order_Form_BC_2


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