Urgent Messages: suicide awareness film made locally 40 years ago, still resonates

Thanks to longtime Pemby resident Marilyn Marinus for sharing this, after the Pemberton Museum put it on their youtube page.

Marilyn shared: “This was filmed in Pemberton back in the late 70’s. It brings back so many emotional memories. I cried watching it. Unfortunately it brings back the tragedy depression and suicides. I have lost count of all the suicides and attempted suicides in my life. Please share this with your loved ones. Remember to keep conversations open. Love unconditionally.” 

A few years ago, the Child and Youth Mental Health & Substance Use (CYMHSU) Collaborative produced Suicide Intervention Toolkits for parents and caregivers, youth and professionals. They are all accessible by clicking the images at this link: https://thewellnessalmanac.com/2017/11/29/suicide-intervention-toolkits-now-available-thanks-to-pembertons-child-and-youth-mental-health-and-substance-use-collaborative/

Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 1.32.02 PM

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