Celebrate Lil’wat poet, Myra Pierre

When someone has the courage to share their story, we are invited to step into circle, listen, witness, acknowledge.

Myra Pierre’s story might make your heart ache… she and her brother were the first children from the Mount Currie community to be sent to residential school in Sechelt.

She has shared some of her story with her collection of poetry, A Rising of Voices and Other Poems, and in this short film that was produced by the Vancouver Foundation to celebrate her courage, and her receipt of a Downtown Eastside Small Arts Grants.

But it is beautiful and inspiring too.


2 thoughts on “Celebrate Lil’wat poet, Myra Pierre

  1. Gina Rackley says:

    A hope for LIL’WAT from a London woman, who will never see your land, but I still feel shame that this happened to you. May you get to a place where you can rest easy. Thank you for your poem and thank you for sharing from your heart. You are beautiful.

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