Would you be willing to read 43 poems and enter a community conversation about what BC enacting UNDRIP means?


In 2017, Lyla June for NM House of Representatives and Joy DeVito (who identifies as a Settler Canadian from Ontario) collaborated on a book called Lifting Our Hearts off the Ground. It’s a poetic response to the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People.

In November 2019, British Columbia became the first jurisdiction in Canada to formally enshrine the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) into law.

What does this mean?

After listening to an amazing podcast interview with the poet and activist Lyla June, at For The Wild, (thanks for the hot tip, Kera Willis), I was inspired by the idea of exploring this as a community.


Lifting Our Heats off the Ground is a collection of 43 poems, for each of the 43 articles in the Declaration. Both women wrote a response to each article. As Lyla June said in the interview, a lot is lost in translation.. sometimes art can help us feel into the spaces that careful legal language doesn’t really honour.

New Story Hub has said:

“The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is a powerful proclamation of the principles that should guide Indigenous-Settler relations around the world.

Some call it a blueprint for reconciliation. Some say that, if taken seriously, it could help states and Settler societies repair significant historic injustices and reject present colonialism.

Yet as a legal text, it’s not the easiest document to read or to imagine into action.

In Lifting Hearts Off the Ground, two poets — one Indigenous, one Settler — come together to breathe life into the seemingly dry bones of the Declaration. And as we contemplate, wrestle with, and pray their words, we discover an invitation to renewed relationships with each other, the land, and Spirit.”

I am going to place a bulk order with the publishers, so anyone living here, on unceded St’at’imc territory, could have a copy, to read, with the hopes we might host a few great conversations together.

So, I’m just wondering how many to order…

I’m willing to fund this purchase, as I don’t want $$ to get in anyone’s way.

Could you let me know if you’d be interested in taking part, so I can gauge interest – (do I order 10 or 50?)… and if you have the financial capacity and would be willing to pay $10 for your copy, let me know too…

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