May we call on the wisdom of the breath, New Year’s day blessing from Bryonie Wise

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May we call on the wisdom of breath and our guides to support us through breathless moments. May we drink in the great jam jars of joy we discover in unexpected places and spaces, especially within the new portals and pathways contained in our heartships. May we surrender into the moments as the moments unfurl, and may we give ourselves (and each other) permission to listen to what we need so we can show up with the entirety of our attention. May our boundaries be honoured and may we honor the boundaries of the ones who gather around us. May our togetherness find us held and supported and may harm be far far out of reach and if we find it smack dab in the middle of our way, may we tread softly yet firmly and carry a big heart. May we be generous, may we be kind, may we be gentle, may we be forgiving, may we be true, may we be grateful. May the celebratory nature of the season nurture us even when we find ourselves in our solitude and may we carry that memory forward, too. May we remember we are loved beyond measure and without question. May we know we are held tenderly, without question or wavering. May we be seen, heard and felt and may we know, down to our tangly roots, that none of us are not alone here, or wherever this finds us to be. #clearingncleansing #doitfromlovenotforlove #wednesdayblessings #practicemakespractice #itsallmedicine #weinthistogether #portableprayers #sendingoutamajorhug #december

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The lovely Leala Martin introduced me to this writer, Bryonie Wise, and this blessing seemed like the perfect offering for the first day of  brave new decade. Because who doesn’t want to drink in great jam jars of you.

May you find a quiet moment on this day, to plant some seeds in the dark deep earth, that will sprout forth when the sun comes back in force.

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