2019’s top 10 most borrowed books

So, are you reading what everyone else is reading?

When I had a baby, it felt as though ALL my reading time had evaporated, so I started a little note, jotting down books I managed to finish and at the end of the year I tallied it up and realized I hadn’t done sooooo badly. It’s become a habit, and I sat down today with photos of the bookcovers I’d read and saw a few obvious patterns and that I was a little bit obsessed with plant medicine, Boudica, time travel and dragons this year.

Our community’s pulse might be read with this top 10 most borrowed fiction titles:


It looks better on instagram, so if you play there, make sure you’re following instagram.com/pembylibrary.

Also, there’s a winter family story time today at 2pm – for 1- 5 year olds.


And the library will be closed tomorrow for New Year’s Day.



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