Honour the Stewards: check out this beautiful gallery of photos from the Cedar Brushing Ceremony at Joffre Lakes

science vs spirit

When Tanina Williams shared this thread from reddit, that science can’t solve our environmental challenges right now… that we need a spiritual and cultural transformation, to deal with the root causes, which are selfishness, greed and apathy, she added her own comment, that one of the solutions is “Learning culture by way of being care takers of the land.”


Mámaya7 Lois Joseph at the Cedar Bushing ceremony, October 10

That was fresh in my mind, when I saw this gallery of images from October 10’s Cedar-brushing ceremony, hosted by the Líl̓wat Nation and N’Quatqua to honour the Nations’ stewardship initiatives at Joffre Lakes Park. The transformation is a reclamation. So amazing to see the kids being taught this. So amazing to hope that some traditional ways of being stewards will inspire and influence the thousands of visitors who come to Joffre. May they be inspired not just be the beauty and instagram-worthiness of the place, but by the values of the culture.

You can share the gallery at https://www.facebook.com/lilwatnationculturecentre/

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