Farewell to Georgette and here’s to courting innocence


Last Thursday, at Village Yoga, Georgette Metcalfe taught her last class in Pemberton and Birken, after a 20 year contribution of teaching yoga, to firefighters, stiff guys, kids, and a host of other folk. She opened Tadasana Yoga Studio in 2012, eventually handing the reins over so it could evolve into Village Yoga last year. Over the years, she organized a community yoga jam for Japan, a fashion show fundraiser for the Skate Park, provided trauma counselling to emergency responders, served as a firefighter, offered life skills courses at the schools, and connected hundreds of people with their feet, their breath, their nervous systems.

I interviewed her back then, when she was offering SUP yoga, and learned that her yoga path began in 1997, when she hurt her back mountain biking. She took teacher training in 2005, not with the intention of becoming a teacher, but having had twins, in 2000, she found herself more and more in need of grounding. Teaching classes on the beach for friends in Mexico brought home how much she loved teaching.

Life has opened some new doors for Georgette, and she’s found a new home base, and someone amazing to share it with. (Yay!) She promises to return often, and to perhaps even sub a yoga class every so often.

Tadasana Wellness (offering PEMF, Blood Analysis, Massage) will remain sharing space with Village Yoga. Tanys Hopkins will be the main PEMF provider along with a few others joining the team in the very near future.

I have practiced with Georgette on and off over the years and always LOVED her classes, so I went to her final class on Thursday. And tried not to fall crying in her arms at the class end. Because she is happy. She is radiantly happy.

But there is one word from that class that stuck with me and that I want to offer here. During one exploration of movement, as we were limbering up our femurs and rotating them around in the socket, Georgette says, “be innocent about this.” As in: don’t have any expectations of what you should be doing or feeling, don’t strive for anything, don’t assume there’s a right way or a wrong way. Just come in innocence. And allow the experience to unfold.

Perhaps her lovely way with words is what drew me to Georgette. I mean, a yoga class in which the teacher reads poems over you… ya. That’s my idea of bliss. I admit it.

But what an act of generosity to ourselves, to our bodies, to those around us, to new opportunities, to approach free of the weight of expectation, with the lightness of innocence.


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