Signal Hill Archaeological Dig, August 22

via Lil’wat Nation

You are welcome to join Johnny Jones and Bill Angelbeck and field crew to observe this culturally significant event on

Thursday, August 22nd.

Depart: McDonald’s, cross the street walk along the fence to the dyke, turn left on the dyke trail then go to the left until you reach the little wooden bridge; cross the bridge and turn left.

Trail: is on the other side of the bridge on the left
Duration: 45 minutes
Up hill: after about 40 minutes you will reach the up-hill section.
This section is about 200 M.
NOTE: This section is rocky

Cedar fencing: when you reach the cedar fencing you have reached the dig location which is straight up and to the left about 100 M.

NOTE: Biking is permitted

Pick up a map at Úll̓us if you would like to have one as a reference.

For more information, please contact Richenda at 604 894 6115 Ext. 2467 or email

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