Pemberton then and now: history reminds us to appreciate sidewalks

If the downtown roadworks have you frustrated, consider: sidewalks are a luxury this town hasn’t always had. I haven’t lived here long enough to call myself local, but I remember when there were no sidewalks on Portage Road, back when the Pony was down in the ditch, and the library was in the Youth Centre and the community centre was in the old high school out by the soccer fields…

Back before that, Pemberton got a pharmacy in 1979. Thanks to the Pemberton Museum’s fun Flyback Friday initiative, in which they find local landmarks and compare then and now, you can see how improved our downtown is, and with a little more patience from us, how much better it’s going to be.

Sidewalks and stormwater drains aren’t sexy. But damn, they are nice.


Pemberton pharmacy

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