Tapping Mount Meager: New Geothermal Energy research project – Open House, Thursday July 11, 5:30 – 7

The Geological Survey of Canada and Geoscience BC have started a new project to assess the potential for geothermal electricity generation and heat in the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt, including at Mount Meager.

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They are hosting an Open House at the Pemberton & District Community Centre on July 11, 2019 from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm to share about the potential for generating geothermal energy at Mt Meager, the active volcano in our midst.

This assessment of the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt builds on work that started in the mid 1970s. The Garibaldi Volcanic Belt is a chain of young (less than 11,000 years old) volcanoes in southwestern BC, that extends north and northwest from Squamish, BC, for approximately 200 kilometers.

Mt Meager is Canada’s most advanced, volcano-hosted high temperature geothermal energy project. Exploration and development was put on pause by the 2008 global financial crisis when investors fled higher risk, early stage natural resource projects.

In an effort to spur renewed interest in the South Meager geothermal project, Geoscience BC facilitated the public release of well test results that were kept private.

These data reveal the existence of a substantial geothermal resource at South Meager, sharing a drillable target (i.e. the exact location of the high-temperature and permeable portion of the South Meager geothermal resource) and a viable strategy for extracting it (i.e. drill deep production wells from the valley floor). The project could generate up to 100MW of energy.

Join Geoscience BC staff, lead Geological Survey of Canada researcher Dr Steve Grasby and members of the research team to talk about this multi-year project. The team will describe a completed summary of existing research in the area, and discuss plans for field work through the summer of 2019 and beyond.

Light refreshments will be provided.

  • Learn about how geothermal energy and heat work;
  • Hear a summary of a recent report summarizing previous research projects conducted in the Mount Meager area; and
  • Hear about and discuss plans for new field work and research through the summer of 2019 and beyond.

Questions welcome. Please let GeoScience know you’re planning on attending  at bit.ly/GeothermalPemberton or by calling Candice at 604-662-4147.

For more background information about the research – including new maps of the planned research locations – please visit the Geoscience BC website at:www.geosciencebc.com/projects/2018-004.

Explains the hosts, “if geothermal energy resources are to play a significant role in the future Canadian economy, reliable, baseline geoscience information about the depth, temperature and permeability of potential aquifers – and their suitability to generate geothermal heat and power – is necessary. This project will take knowledge from previous research carried out at Mount Meager (see compilation here), and apply it to the larger Garibaldi Volcanic Belt, one of the highest potential geothermal regions of Canada. The results of this project will aid development of new resource models, creating greater certainty for generating national geothermal resource assessments, and reducing geothermal exploration risk in BC.”

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