Province proposes to develop campsite at Strawberry Point

via Lil’wat Nation

Tree-clearing has begun at Strawberry Point to allow for up to 25 vehicle-accessible camping sites.

Construction of additional parking facilities and up to 25 vehicle-accessible camping sites will be taking place this spring at Strawberry Point Recreation Site. The objectives of this development are to:

  • Reduce environmental damage and risk to wildlife
  • Restrict overnight use to a robust area and cap it at a sustainable level
  • Protect water quality
  • Reduce public safety risk

Over the years, we have seen an increase in campers and day users at Strawberry Point. We have heard complaints of partying, campfires during the fire ban, and parking overflowing onto the Forest Service Road. Concerns have been expressed about the impacts of these activities to the land, water, wildlife, and public safety.

The campsite development was proposed by the Ministry of Forest Lands and Natural Resources Development, which is responsible for managing this site. A land use referral outlining the proposed development was sent to the Líl̓wat Land and Resources Department in the spring of 2018. The referral was reviewed by the Líl̓wat Land Use Referral Committee.

The Referral Committee supported the objectives for the campsite and further recommended that the Land and Resources Department carry out an archaeological impact assessment, to ensure the construction does not impact archaeological sites and to ensure the camp sites are located away from archaeologically sensitive areas. Archaeological sites may include culturally modified trees, or cultural depressions from previous s7ískten (pit house) sites.

The Referral Committee also put the Province on notice that Strawberry Point is a traditional use site for the Líl̓wat Nation, and Líl̓wat people maintain the right to continue to use this area for traditional use practices, including the establishment of a fish camp.

The archaeological assessment was completed last fall. The study concluded that the area for the campsite has low potential for the presence of archaeological sites, but still recommends that archaeological monitors be onsite during construction.

On January 18, 2019, initial tree clearing occurred at the site, but construction of the campsites will not occur until snow melt in the spring. A Líl̓wat Cultural Technician and a Registered Professional Archaeologist will be on-site to monitor the construction. The construction will be carried out by Líl̓wat Forestry Ventures.

Click to view the Strawberry Point Campsite Designs.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Harriet VanWart at the Líl̓wat Land and Resources Department at 604-894-6115 or


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