If your to-do list doesn’t have space to be, ditch it, or get a better to-do list


This was Lindy Scott’s to-do list on June 24. I loved her post about it so much, I had to share. I sense a theme for my summer… lots of one-item lists. What’s on the top of yours?

My to-do list today. The only thing checked off was dinner. I ‘almost’ got the sheets in the wash, but I had towels that needed it more, and I didn’t have time for both loads.

My life is an endless to-do list that never gets finished.

Instead, I grocery shopped, played games with my 3 year old, unloaded, loaded, unloaded, and loaded the dishwasher (possibly a third round- I can’t remember..), and took off on bikes to successfully forage for wild berries and cherries before picking kids up from school. (Lost and then found Dahlia (the dog) along the way, as usual. 🤣)

Trip to the garden for a quick harvest, putter, and water.

It was a good day.

I have more items to add to the list for tomorrow.


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