Bee curious? Sign up now for the Library’s free bee-keeping workshop, Saturday June 22 9:30am

Interested in learning about bee keeping? šŸ

Join the Pemberton Library this Saturday at 9:30 am at the Library for a bee keeping workshop! We will head out to Pemberton Meadows to learn the ins and outs of bee keeping with a local farmer!

Space is limited so registration is required!

Please pop into the library, call on 604 894 6916 or visit Facebook to sign up!Ā 

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 4.11.15 PM

Last year, I attended a free bee-keeping workshop organized through the Library and the Pemberton Multicultural Network and it was awesome. Even though, I realized, thanks to that day, that I don’t quite have the capacity right now to become a beekeeper, I became a beekeeper in waiting, and a better bee ally, for all that I learned. And the bees needs all the allies they can get, amongst us, the beneficiaries of all their pollinating, and ironically, their biggest threat.


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