When one million views is warranted

15 year old Rebecca Strong, a Saskatchewan made CBC headlines back in January when a video her dad made of her practicing a Demi Lovato song went viral. Like 500,000 views and 11,000 shares. She had been practising for Voices of the North, a showcase for northern performers that was held in Prince Albert from Feb. 21 to 23. Two months later, she’s closing in on 1 million views, and it’s so worth listening to her beautiful rendition, we’re sharing it here.

Hat tip to Nic MacPhee for putting this on my radar.

Shares Strong:

This song, is one of my favourite songs to sing. My dad had thought to record me and I didn’t think it would be posted or anything and once it did I couldn’t believe the amount of love it’s been getting. I’ve been learning it on piano for about a week now and this is how far I’ve come. I couldn’t be anymore thankful for the support and love in getting from everyone. You guys are the greatest and thank you for getting me where I am, I couldn’t do it without you. Demi has been an inspiration of mine since Sunny With A Chance days and Camp Rock. You are truly so strong. Thank you again to everyone I hope you enjoy this cover of Sober by Demi Lovato:) -Here’s a time I can introduce myself. My name is Rebecca Strong. I am 15 years old and I have been singing since I was teeny tiny. I’ve always loved performing on stage and have been doing it for years now. My biggest inspirations are of course Adele, Demi Lovato, Billie Eilish and many many more talented artists. When it comes to piano I’m self taught and have been playing for about 4 years now. When I’m on stage I feel alive, it’s so amazing. Anyways, enjoy the video and have a great day:)

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