Plant Sale at the Legion at 9am.

The annual plant and bake sale takes place Saturday, May 4th, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Bake Sale, concession, annual and perennial plants. Pemberton seed potatoes. Please no early birds.

Huge thanks to the members of the Womens Institute and all those who share their plants with us, and bring the community together every spring in this frenzy of growing.

Also, a reminder from local farmer Melissa Ronayne,  Pemberton is a seed potato control area and we all need to help keep it that way!

It is prohibited to buy potatoes from outside of Pemberton and plant them! They could be harbouring any number of viruses and diseases which would destroy our area.

The Pemberton Valley Nursery sells local seed potatoes for you to plant in your garden. The Women’s Institute also has a plant sale May 4thand will be selling local seed! Only plant locally sourced potatoes in Pemby and double-check with a local farmer first, before you stick any in the ground.

If you have any questions, please reach out to a local farmer, they are always happy to explain.

Here’s a little explanation of all the hard work that goes on upstream to get a Pemberton potato onto a dinner table.


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