Take the #TrashTag Challenge

On April 8, a few weeks before Earth Day, Nic MacPhee encouraged people on the Pemberton Community Forum to get into the ditches and do a little clean up. (Bonus karma points: she found $10!)

She didn’t #TrashTag it, nor did she post a before picture, but, Nic unknowingly just joined the coolest global viral challenge I’ve seen:


Last week on my lunch break I decided to get some fresh air and go for a walk. I was enjoying watching the robins fly by and feeling relatively happy. Then I started to notice something again and again. Copious amounts of garbage in all of the ditches. Now heres the beauty of snow melting away, it opens up a window of all the trash in our ditches before the grass and bushes can hide it away again. In a very small area I picked up a full bag of garbage. Lets all do our part and get out there and clean up our Earth. You never know what you might find.
#pemberdise #earthdayeveryday #forthewin



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