Announcing the debut of the WWF Kids’ Fun Run in Pemberton, June 9

WWF Kids fun run Pemberton
Join the 1st Annual WWF Canada’s Kids’ Fun Run in Pemberton, around One Mile Lake, this June 9th (!

This is a race for kids of all ages to raise awareness about World Wildlife Fund – Canada‘s efforts to protect Canada’s wild habitats and ecosystems.

Featuring 1 km, 3 km and 5 km course options, this fun run allows event-goers to connect with nature as a family, and raise funds in support of WWF-Canada’s conservation efforts. If running isn’t for you or your kids, we would love to have you out to volunteer on event day or donate to a runner.
The race has been organized by Pemberton’s Sarah Valentine. Kids and parents interested in signing up are invited to register in advance for the Kids’ Fun Run. Volunteers for the race day are also welcome.
It will be the first time the event is held in Pemberton, bringing the total number of events across Canada to 28. The event just started in 2017 – prompted by 10 year olds Jasmine and Jett “because we care about the earth and want to get kids and their families involved in our great natural community.” The event has since taken place in 20 parks across Canada, with an average participate age of 4-12 years.
Run like a caribou
As one of their Christmas gifts each year, I (or ‘Santa’) symbolically adopts an animal from the World Wildlife Fund – Canada, where all net-proceeds help support WWF’s conservation efforts. This is something the boys have been receiving since they were one year of age, and now at 7, they have a collection of animals that they have ‘adopted’.
IMG_7424 (2)
I felt as though I had done my bit to help threatened species, gold star for our family.
But last year when my twin boys asked me why the last male northern white rhino died, my biology-trained brain had a list of reasons why: habitat fragmentation, poachers, genetic erosion, lack of viable breeding partners, etc. But why mummy? They needed to know why we would let an animal species die, and they wanted to do something about it. I saw that the World Wildlife Fund – Canada hosts a family fun run to raise awareness about species like the white northern rhino, and my kids and I got really excited about hosting and running to save rhinos, giraffes and orcas among other animals. 
If there are other families like mine, that feel hopeless about what is happening to other animal species around the Planet, and in Canada, please sign up to run, volunteer or donate. Anything helps!

Thank you kindly,


Email Sarah if you want to help!

Download the pledge form here.

KR4N Pledge Form


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