Seedy Saturday workshops offer a chance to get enthused about getting your hands dirty, 30th March, 11am – 3pm

Swapping seeds or purchasing some is enough of a draw to battle construction and attend Saturday’s Seedy Saturday event at the Pemberton Downtown Community Barn, but added incentive comes in the form of a host of free workshops. Here are my top 12 reasons to head to the Barn this weekend, between 11am and 3pm.

1. Swap seeds grown from plants that flourished in this climate

2. Share in one another’s abundance

3. Buy @westcoastseeds seeds

4. Borrow some seeds from the @pembylibrarySeed Library and join the local seed sovereignty squad

5. Learn how to save your seeds from master gardener and Traced Elements contributor Catherine Karpman @fromthegardenshed.

6. Start to turn your garden 2019 into a reality.

7. Learn how to make your own fruit picker with Stewardship Pemby and the fruit tree gurus

8. Buy blueberry bushes!

9. Snack on treats from @birken_house_bakery@nidhiscuisine@108sausagecompany.

10. Get a peek at fellow growing enthusiasts in your community. You never know who might me an ally, a resource or a source of encouragement, advice or extra seed starts!

11. Listen to music by the wonderful Susan Holden!

12. Learn about the invasive species to avoid in your gardens from @ssinvasives. 😁


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