The Pemberton Fruit Tree Project needs pickers, trees

Thanks to Shannon Didier for sharing this information.

The Pemberton Fruit Tree Project is a Stewardship Pemberton Society ‘Feasting For Change’ initiative. The project aims to harvest fruit from private trees that would otherwise go to waste, or act as a bear attractant. The fruit will be equally distributed between the homeowners, volunteer pickers, and local organizations such as the Food Bank, Howe Sound Women’s Centre and Sea to Sky Community Services’ programs.

The goal of the Fruit Tree Project is to minimize food waste, prevent bear attractants and thus limit bear/human conflict, promote local food sustainability, and increase food security for the local community. The Pemberton Fruit Tree Project needs community involvement to maximize the benefits, and we welcome volunteers to pick fruit, help organize pickings, or to sort and deliver fruit once it’s picked. If you are interested, we can find a way to use your skills!

Trees required as well! If you have a tree in your backyard that you could use help getting picked, contact us to register your tree. We appreciate tree registration well before the tree is ready so we can organize volunteers appropriately. If you notice a neighbour’s tree that tends to go unpicked, please spread the word and let them know about the project too.

The Pemberton Fruit Tree Project can be found on Facebook, and enquiries directed to Shannon at

Stewardship Pemberton Society acknowledges the support of the Province of British Columbia towards the Pemberton Fruit Tree Project.

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