Got books, will travel. Pop Up Library will be at Ts’zil Learning Centre, Monday March 11, 1-3pm


My friend shared this story recently, of female librarians delivering books on horseback through the 1930s throughout isolated mountain communities.

I think the only thing that could make the Pop Up library more rad would be if the staff rode there on horseback. Which, honestly, wouldn’t surprise me.

Everyone is welcome! Pop by.

Staff will be able to help with the following services:
*Sign up for a library card/replace lost cards
*Borrow and return items
*Search library catalogue
*Place holds
*Help with digital resources and device set-up

Do you have outstanding library fines? Staff will happily waive your lost item fines if you visit them at the Ts’zil Learning Centre.

And THIS is what I love about the library and want to shout to the world (and I learned it when my baby ripped and ate a book AND when my husband accidentally left one on the roof of the car, when he was putting the baby in the car seat, and drove away, only to see it fly onto the road and get driven over….): the library is a shame-free environment. Staff are committed to community and literacy. It is a place where it’s okay to ask stupid questions… actually, that’s their specialty, finding answers to questions. It’s okay if you don’t know things. That’s something to celebrate. Don’t-know mind is a wonderful place to begin. It’s also okay if you can’t afford to buy books, or DVDs or music or magazines. That’s their speciality… buying books and resources (and puzzles! and games!) for people to access, borrow, bring back, keep circulating. It’s okay if you live in an overcrowded, or cold, or internet-free place, because that’s their specialty… you know, providing warm sanctuary and access to the internet. You are okay. The Ark of awesome has got something for you.

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