Wednesday is Pink Shirt Day

Pink isn’t really my colour. But it’s more my colour than cruelty.

I was a bully. I was bullied. I defended other kids. I didn’t. It’s not black and white. It’s not easy to solve.But it hurts. And I think wearing pink is one simple act of courage, to stand up for something, that builds into a wave of solidarity… which is, in essence, how we change the world.

So, rock a pink shirt on Wednesday to stand up to bullying, and retaliate with full-frontal kindness.

Here are some of my favourite people – the Pemberton Fire Department, and Ruth Dick, standing up for kindness in their pink shirts a few years back.

The focus for the 2019 Pink Shirt Day is to draw attention to cyberbullying.

Signal Hill Elementary shares that the dawn of social media brought with it a whole new way to interact, communicate, and even bully. But in this digital world where filtered photos and crafted messages can be posted in an instant, it often takes more time and effort to say something mean than it does to say something nice.

Kindness requires no manipulation, no focusing on the negatives, and no filtering of yourself. It’s simply, truly nice.

For social media users,  THINK before you post. Ask is it: True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary and KIND

There’s enough pollution on the planet. Don’t add to it.

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