Tourism Pemberton wants to put a number on the impact of tourism on region, launches an economic impact study

via Tourism Pemberton media release, January 21 2019

tourism pemberton ice cave

How important is tourism to Pemberton and Area C of the Squamish Lillooet Regional District?

Tourism Pemberton is betting it is a bigger economic driver in the area than most residents realize. They believe it’s of vital importance to the growth and development of the area and so a third-party economic impact study is being conducted which will require the participation of all the businesses connected to tourism.

Beginning mid-January, tourism businesses in Pemberton and Area C of the SLRD will be contacted by Pacific Analytics Inc. to collect specific information regarding their tourist activities over the last year. Pacific Analytics has extensive experience in conducting studies of this sort and can guarantee the confidentiality of the data. Individual company information will only be used in aggregate and will not be available to any other organization. All information collected will be protected by a confidentiality agreement. Company contact and data collection will be conducted during January and February.

Unlike Whistler that is driven by the accommodation sector, Area C and Pemberton’s tourism is driven by a wide range of activities and adventure providers. “This type of impact study is much more detailed and accurate than just a simple Value of Tourism Study which is based on the accommodation sector and then applying multipliers to account for activities in the study area. An economic impact study is the only way we can accurately account for the activity sectors.” says Mark Mendonca, President of Tourism Pemberton.

He continued on to say, ”The study will pick up the impact of Joffre Lake, tenting in the Provincial Parks, Slow Food Cycle, back county activity, hotels/motels, BnBs’, sporting/biking events, weddings , all of those things that provide the tourism diversity of the area.”

The final report will provide the number and dollar value of tourism in Pemberton and Area C, identifying economic value generated jobs, business to business spending, both within the area and around the province.

Tourism Pemberton hopes that all tourism businesses, First Nations, and government organizations in Pemberton and Area C will participate in the study.

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