Never throw out a banana again! Zero Waste warrior tip: freeze ’em!!

I don’t really want to let you in on my secret, because then I’ll be racing you wised-up folk to grab that 99c bag of slightly overripe bananas from the grocery story.

But, when I read this stat on the Love Food Hate Waste instagram feed, I was so shocked, I had to share.

Canadians throw out 550,000 bananas every day.

Love Food Hate Waste advises: “Once they’re ripe, bananas stay fresh for just a day or two. Try to buy just the amount you know you’ll eat.”

BUT STOP! WAIT! That’s suggesting that an overripe banana actually is garbage. It’s not! An overripe banana is perfect to peel, slice and chuck in the freezer, to be used for smoothies (makes them thick, creamy, sweet and healthy) and banana bread.

Overripe bananas are my favourite find.

Now you know.

Here’s a recipe for a smoothie that uses overripe banana and wilted kale. Because, let’s face it, food is too expensive to toss once it’s past it’s Perfection date.

If you try any other recipes at the site, let us know the good’uns and we’ll share them here.


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