What happens after Buy Local week wraps up? You can still go big by thinking small…

Buy Local Week, a BC program to encourage people to put their money where their house (instead of their mouth) is, runs from December 3-9, with a view to raising awareness of the impact made by BC businesses to the economy – not to mention the social fabric and community at large.

Why does it matter, whether you order everything online via Amazon, or make an effort to buy directly from a local business?

Well. There is this little thing called the multiplier effect, that means that:

45 cents of every $1 spent at local retailer stays in the community, compared to 17 cents for chains

The impact is even bigger when we’re talking about dining out.

65 cents of every $1 spent at a local restaurant stays in the community compared to 30 cents for chains. (How lucky we are here, to have such amazing options!)

When you shop online, the money leaks out of Canada and drains straight down into the US. And not just to small US businesses. To the megacorps. 2 out of every 3 dollars spent online in Canada goes to a U.S. multinational.

So pause a moment, as you work your way through your list… Could a gift card to a local store replace something you order online to be shipped up on giant trucks from a distribution centre somewhere in the midwest?

During the holidays, the average Canadian spends about $1500 on travel, food, drinks and gifts.

What would it mean if you shifted just 1% of that spending – just $15 – to a local business, or a local grown or local made product? If all consumers made a 1% shift, it would create 3100 jobs and send $94 million in wages to B.C. workers.

So think small, think local, and spread the love. Every little bit counts.

More information about BC Buy Local Week can be found here: https://bcbuylocal.com.

Thanks to the Pemberton & District Chamber of Commerce for sharing these stats and getting on board with the BC Buy Local Week.

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