Celebrate! The Ts’zil Learning Centre is now officially open

Find an excuse to drop by. The building is beautiful. And the gift store and Cultural Centre exhibits have relocated here, so you can browse and explore some of the beautiful culture of the Lil’wat Nation. (Also, the rooms are available for rent, if you’re organizing a meeting. Check out the form and details here: Tszil Room rental request form 2018)

I have realized that I come from a mindset that this culture, like all indigenous cultures, is broken. This narrative is what I’ve absorbed over the course of 40 years worth of consuming mainstream media.

This building, this opening ceremony, the Cultural Centre, all challenge that notion, and invite us all to confront our stale and inaccurate ways of thinking. And clear them out, to make room for a different mind-set and a better way of relating together.

I was out of town for a family wedding and was so sorry to miss the Opening Ceremony for the Ts’zil Learning Centre on Thursday 18 October.

Many thanks to Natalie Langmann, of Murphy Construction, for capturing the ceremony and offering these images for us to share.

When I look at these photos, it doesn’t like a broken culture to me.

See? Already, the Ts’zil Learning Centre has taught me something. May it long be a place where hearts and minds open and beautiful life stories are launched into the world.


All photos are courtesy Natalie Langmann.




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