Drop in to the Library’s bookclub to discuss The Marrow Thieves

I met with a friend yesterday and she said something that struck a deep chord: we live in a world that promotes the idea of going it alone, doing everything for ourselves, and yet, when we tune in to community, in a genuine way, some powerful magic is able to take place.

Reading is a delightful solitary experience. The hardest thing, I’ve found, about having a family, is how little undisturbed solitary time I have, and how my reading time has taken a hit.

I made time to read The Marrow Thieves, which wasn’t hard, because I found it to be utterly compelling and devourable.

I have always loved To Kill a Mockingbird, but I think The Marrow Thieves is the book to replace that, as a mandatory, thought-provoking, eye-opening, heart-opening read that everyone ought to experience for years to come.

The One Book, One Corridor experiment has named this book as one for the entire region to read… so we can all have that experience of a common touchpoint for conversation.

The Pemberton library’s adult book club is a drop-in club that meets once a month, and this month, on Thursday October 25, at 7pm, they’ll discuss The Marrow Thieves.

What happens when we come together to discuss a book, that may reframe the way you look at indigenous people forever? Why not show up, on Thursday, and find out?



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