Come MOOC with us – enrol in a free 6 week online course offered by UBC on reconciliation

Two years ago, I enrolled in a free massive online course (MOOC) offered by UBC, Reconciliation through Indigenous Education. I didn’t get to explore the entire course offering, but what I did discover was incredibly worthwhile. Happily, it is being offered again. I have re-enrolled.

The program uploads new material each week, and can be tackled at your own pace. From my experience, even if you don’t have the time to commit fully to the suggested 2-4 hours a week, dabbling is still worthwhile. The things I learned last time planted seeds, and I’m excited to revisit the program, and see how things land differently after some of those perspective-shifting learnings.

“Reconciliation means different things to different people but it takes real work.”

The material is designed to advance reconciliation in classrooms, organizations, and communities through the teaching and learning of Indigenous ways of knowing.

“For people who want to build their own competence and the capacity of those around them to engage with in relationships with Indigenous peoples based on intercultural understanding, empathy, and respect, this course will help get you get started in this process.”

We’re all students, in this community, learning how to be better neighbours and friends.

The program starts October 23.


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