You are the best of Pemberton


Last year, after the Best of Pemberton 2017 results were out, I pondered what it would take to turn the annual Pique survey into the Best of Pemberton and Mount Currie, and call out all the people who contribute in a positive way to the media and cultural space here, many of whom make The Wellness Almanac what it is.

So I was pretty stoked to see a few new categories in this year’s survey, include Best Wellness service provider, and Best First Nations artist.

The crew of people that Lindsay May and Jess Turner have gathered around them at Kufuka Fitness and the energy they give to their tribe is motivating and inspiring. The gang of GPs making Pemberton their home are wonderful. And the work Levi Nelson is doing to explore what First Nations identity means in 2018 is provocative, beautiful, thoughtful and, in my mind, destined to make a difference.

The community here is remarkable — I feel that belief reinforced very single week that I tune into the Wellness Almanac on instagram, as a different person guides us through a week in their life. The food scene here is amazing. I keep trying to explain to my 5 year old that bakeries like Blackbird don’t exist in every little town. Most people have to travel to freaking Europe for that kind of experience, for the danish or croissant that we get to enjoy every Saturday. The spirit of innovation inspires me endlessly. And the fact that, despite its small size, we have so many wellness advocates and champions, to help us become better versions of ourselves, is such a privilege.

Congratulations to the people who earned recognition from our community in 2018 for what you contribute to the shape and flavour of this place.

At the end of of that day, the best of “Pemberton” is really 5707 people strong. It’s you.

Photos by Brad Kasselman,, for Pique newsmagazine.



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