Cookbook Club to reconvene after summer hiatus with a grow-it-yourself challenge, September 20

Cookbook Club Pemberton is a monthly community potluck that revolves around a single featured cookbook.

It’s like bookclub where you don’t have to read a book. A dinner party where you only have to prepare one dish. Collaborative entertaining.

Meeting since February, at Stay Wild Natural Health, Cookbook Club will take a break over the summer, but that is designed to offers ample time to plan the dish you’d like to bring on September 20, for Freestyle Cookbook Club.

There will be no featured cookbook!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to grow your own dish.

It doesn’t have to be entirely zero mile diet. You can enlist a farmer or farmers market vendor to help. It’s not meant to be restrictive or prescriptive. Just a challenge, to look at the ingredients at hand, growing out of your garden, or in a field somewhere near here, or in your CSA delivery, and build a meal/dish around that.

You might want to browse through Traced Elements and try one of the recipes there.

Celebrate an ingredient.

Let’s see what freestyle Cookbook Club dishes out.

Save the date, and we hope to see you in September! At Stay Wild Natural Health, 7pm – 9pm. Free.

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