Join a friendly discussion and dinner gathering after watching Indian Horse film, April 22 4-7pm

Indian horse

Reading the beautiful, spare and emotionally compelling book, Indian Horse, written by the late Richard Wagamese, was my point of entry to understanding the legacy of residential schools. I appreciate that about fiction – you’re so immersed in the character’s world, you lose your grip on the things that distance you from other people’s suffering, their stories. And then, with your imagination awakened, you can actually be transformed.

Films are probably more impactful – although as a book-advocate, I’d argue that the time you spend in a book might allow it to seep more profoundly into your psychology.

Still, there’s no playbook for what to do, when you walk out of the cinema or put the book down, to assimilate that shift into your actions, your relationships, your daily life.

That’s why I appreciate Sara Jennings initiative, to invite people to see the screening of Indian Horse in Whistler, and then gather together afterwards to eat and discuss it, so much.

Check out and RSVP via the event page on Facebook.

Gather by the Claw Machine (the thing where you try and win a stuffed animal) at the Whistler Village 8 Cinemas at 3:50pm, on Sunday, April 22.

Movie showing – 4pm

Dinner/Discussion – immediately after the film at Three Below Restaurant (located in the theatre).

Says Jennings: “I am hoping this will provide an opportunity for those that are non-indigenous (like myself) to learn about some of the history in Canada and how that still impacts indigenous communities today. Indigenous folks welcome as well of course 🙂 And please, please share this with your friends. The more people the better – it is an important topic that non-indigenous folks need to learn more about.”

Jennings is also working with others to bring a private screening to Mount Currie in June. That session will be primarily for indigenous folks.


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