Are you ready for Cook Book Club?


Get bored of rolling out the same old meal plan week after week? Or of eating on your own? Too overwhelmed at the amount of dishes and planning required to host a dinner party? Interested in meeting new people? Exploring something new? Having a low-cost night out in Pemberton?

Cook Book Club could be the answer.

After the first experimental gathering at Stay Wild on February 22, with a dozen keeners in attendance, Cook Book Club has set the date for its next gathering.

Usher in the spring at Stay Wild Natural Health on Wednesday 21 March, 7pm – 9pm, and gather around the featured cookbook, Oh She Glows Every Day.

Browse a copy of the book (from a friend, at the library, or the display copy at Stay Wild) and choose a dish to make. Bring that, yourself, a friend (or not) and your own dish and cutlery, and discover a host of other dishes from that cookbook.

Cook Book Club is an initiative of Traced Elements, a new foodie website from the Pemberton region, in partnership with Stay Wild Natural Health.


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