Village of Pemberton awarded $5.3 million from Federal Gas Tax Fund for downtown revitalization

Congratulations to the Village of Pemberton for their grant-writing efforts, in securing  $5.3 million dollars from the Federal Gas Tax Fund for downtown revitalization.

via Village of Pemberton


“This investment from the Government of Canada’s the Federal Gas Tax Fund will have an enormous impact on our downtown.  The rehabilitation of our downtown infrastructure network will create a welcoming and vibrant space, encourage investment, support our existing businesses and accommodate future growth and development,” says Mayor Richman.   “We are particularly excited about innovation and climate change initiatives that are included in the scope of the project as they will not only beautify our downtown, but improve our resiliency to climate change.  On behalf of the Village of Pemberton and our community, we would like to extend our gratitude to MP Pamela Goldsmith-Jones and the Government of Canada.”


About the Project

Funded 100% by Federal Gas Tax Funds in the amount of $5.3 million, the Improving Community Resiliency Through Infrastructure Rehabilitation project will see significant upgrades to roads, stormwater and water infrastructure in the downtown core. Informed by the Downtown Enhancement Plan, and Frontier Street Design Plan, the project scope will include:

  • rehabilitating downtown roads and sidewalks using recycled asphalt from Frontier, Aster and Prospect Streets, where possible;
  • reducing the impervious surfaces to allow for stormwater infiltration and reduced overall runoff;
  • decommissioning the failing asbestos concrete (AC) watermain and replacing it with PVC piping;
  • creating a downtown stormwater system focused on green infrastructure, such as infiltration swales and recycling of runoff for irrigation purposes; and
  • improving pedestrian safety by installing LED street lighting.

The Village anticipates the project to begin in spring 2019, aiming for completion in late fall 2019.

Next Steps include:

  • Finalizing the concept (Spring 2018)
  • Hosting a Community Info Session and Downtown Stakeholder Meetings (Early Summer 2018)
  • Issuing Request for Proposals (Fall 2018)
  • Awarding Contract (Late Fall 2018)

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