Death, appreciation and the things we leave unsaid


I’m writing a will and representation agreement – a little overdue but I’m getting to it.

With this planning has come a lot of thought.

I have a folder on my computer entitled ‘T’s’ which, among other things, contains some thoughts on music to play at whatever death ceremony ends up happening (if any).

In this folder I have thought about putting annual letters to my children and husband, maybe some of my friends or my cousin, Elan. Letters mentioning funny things we did that year, moments I remember.

Then I thought, why only put them in a folder on my computer?

Why wouldn’t I give them to them while we’re all still around?

I remembered a Winds of Change Community Event where Zoya Jiwa presented on her Simply You program. It was mainly about appreciation and letting people know that they matter. So, thanks again Zoya for reminding me to get back to the process of appreciation. I’m going to store the letters on my computer for when I’d dead and give them to my family.

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