Are you prepared for an emergency (that forces you to have your stuff together at 1am?)

My kid woke up twice in the night with an ear-ache.

I realized then how lucky we are these days – this side of infancy  to get such uninterrupted bouts of sleep – as my husband and I fog-walked zombie style through the next day.

But at one point, in the night, as I was trying to troubleshoot with my brain at ¼ capacity and the boy screaming in my ear, I realized: emergencies probably strike in the middle of the night.

Flush with adrenaline, panic, and sleep-deprived fogginess,  what quality decisions are you going to make? Are you prepared for an emergency, when you’re operating at 25%?

That night, I realized: definitely not.

Sure, with two coffees in and my brain nice and clear, I could probably rustle up most of the things we’d need for an emergency kit from amongst the camping gear, the kids’ room, the pets, the garage… but at 2am, half asleep, with  kids screaming, how will that go?

Back it goes to the top of the to-do list: put an emergency kit together.

Fires raging across the province and another week of record heat are a good nudge in this direction, too. It’s not too big a leap to imagine.


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