PACC’s art workshops kick off tonight at the Library, 7pm

Gernot Dick, visual artist and lecturer, launches the Pemberton Arts and Culture Council’s fall workshop series tonight, with a free presentation on Surface-Form relationship, at the Pemberton & District Public Library.


Evening Light in the Lagun Gernot Dick

Inspiring Artists: Surface-Form Relationship
Gernot Dick
7:00–8:30 p.m.
Pemberton & District Public Library

This slide presentation illustrates how surface energy can express a 3D form, but also can destroy the aesthetic quality of a form. The issue of “Surface-Form Relationship” relates to concerns in painting and sculpting and to endless situations in regard to objects we live with, in daily circumstances.

This presentation will heighten your visual awareness and can give you a new perspective in everyday life, not just for the artist, but also for any curious person, wanting to live more connected with the natural and man-made world around us.


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